New Video: Stereo Boyz – “Drago” ft Stereo Crew



Stereo Boyz – Drago ( Second Trailer)


Drago. November 15th

A Flick by Sacramento Knoxx. Starring Stereo Boyz & Stereo Crew.

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off the Album:”Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”

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Video: Stereo Boyz – Drago (Trailer)


Drago. November 15th


Free Mp3: Mic Audio Vs James Blake – Tears


Mic Audio Vs James Blake - Tears (art)

Mic Audio of the Stereo Boyz releases “Tears”, the first drop off an experimental piece using James Blake’s profound production.
In this melancholic tune, Mic Audio creates a tale about losing a loved one from cancer, as a dedication to his stepfather who passed from the disease this year.

The full Mic Audio Vs James Blake project will be dropping by the end of October.

The song can be streamed and downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

Mic Audio’s group Stereo Boyz also recently released their first full length LP “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”, which is available in all major online stores. Make sure to stream it at the links below.

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“Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” Album Release Party in Detroit, Sept 29th



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New Album: Stereo Boyz – Carz, Clubz & Theaterz


Stereo Boyz - Carz, Clubz & Theaterz (artwork 1600 x 1600)

Today the Stereo Boyz celebrate the digital release of their official debut album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”. After three years as the Stereo Boyz and countless Mixtapes, EPs and Songs, Mixo and Mic Audio are happy to present a piece of art that has been very carefully put together.

The work on “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” started as early as the Stereo Boyz were formed. Coming from the Detroit Hip Hop crew Rhyme Asylum, Mixo, Mic Audio and Kid Boombox started developing a new sound, something more fitting for themselves and without the restrictions they had faced during the years before. Upon being freed from those restrictions, they could see their own growth and development both in their music but also in the way they went about it. They started working on the album, under the working title “Radio Heads” but soon decided they wanted to fully grow artistically before finishing the project. They strived for it to be a representation of who they are, and do it to the best of their abilities.
The album title was changed later, as they realized they had become different artists, different people. “We became complete, as individuals, which we couldnt be before.”, Mixo says. The song “EverBody Noise” really sums up the album and feeling of it.

“Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” is a demonstration of unity. The album was done in collaboration with alot of different, talented people, some of which are now part of the collective Stereo Crew, with the objective of making one great art piece.

“This album is our best work to date, the best from the past three years, and we are already working on tomorrow. It’s everything we are as Stereo Boyz, from the moment we started until now. We hope our fans see that. And we look forward to how people respond to the album, both good and bad. We can’t wait to see our impact on Hip Hop”, says Mixo.

The album features the songs “RayBanz”, “Buggin’ Out (Beetle Juiced)” and “Speaking in Tonguez” which have been released as singles & videos over the past year and were very well received by fans and critics.

Find a link to the full album stream and purchase option below. The following physical release will offer CD’s and Vinyl.


Free Mp3: Stereo Crew – Swine Basket w/ Fries ft Cole Slaw


Detroit’s Powerhouse Stereo Crew presents “The Empire Strikes Rap” series. Every thursday from today until August 13th (which marks the Stereo Boyz’ “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” album release) the Crew will drop a newly recorded, free song on their Bandcamp page.

The first song “Swine Basket w/ Fries Ft Cole Slaw”, recorded over The Roots’ “A Piece Of Light” instrumental, is an uplifting song with a clear message: Be Positive and let Negativity go.”

The Crew let Kid Boombox and Mic Audio do all the raps on this song, as they were affected by tragedy in their lives at the time the song was recorded, which they talk openly about in the song.

“This track is about moving forward and doing whatever you have to do against the world force feeding you swine, while calling it vegetables because they put cole slaw on the side.”, says Mixo of the Stereo Crew.

He continues: “In light of our project I am doing a 30 day detox until the album drops. That’s the statement of this song too, detoxifying your life. We want to unite and move the world forward. That’s what people need, revolutionary music, positivity, especially during the current events. We need to be unified.”


Free Album: dPRESS – The Lions Den


Southwest Detroit born and raised MC DPress drops his debut album today. The Lion’s Den is the official project for the 20-yr-old artist and member of Detroit’s Stereo Boyz crew who has released several compilation albums over the past couple of years.

The tracks were inspired during a period of recovery from a series of personal and psychological setbacks after dropping out at the 9th grade when school failed him. Making music through a period of depression and isolation came to form a healing process of “writing myself I guess back to life.” Evident on “Chargin’ Up” (“nah, we don’t need elitists/we some revolutionary educated pissed-off leaders”).

Rhymes provoke thought and action; some like pages from a reporter’s notebook, recording fragments of everyday life and trying to capture the truth, others taking a stand—with riffs on immigration, the school system, prison industry, and his hometown Detroit, telling true stories of “the place where the people remain hungry/stuff you can’t imagine /fuck if you find it funny.” You also get some sharp swords and strong bars from the young lyricist who says he’s “something like your average rapper/only difference is I show damage after.”

Beats on The Lion’s Den were produced by local and national talent.


New Video: Edo G & Stereo Boyz – Behind The Mic (prod. by iGadget)


“Behind The Mic” is the new video from German producer iGadget featuring Edo G and the Stereo Boyz.

During their tour stop in Berlin, Germany the Stereo Boyz recorded their vocals as well as video scenes for this collabo with Edo G and iGadget (Beatevolution).

The video was shot both in Berlin and Detroit. While the scenes recorded in Germany show Edo G and the Stereo Boyz in the studio as well as in the city of Berlin, you will also see shots of Downtown Detroit and the Stereo Boyz’ lab.

“Behind The Mic” will appear on iGadgets album, expected to be released this fall.

With iGadget’s incredibly smooth beat and a perfect combination of spitters (Edo G & Stereo Boyz) this song is a gem for all Hip Hop fans.

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Free LP: John Wize – Project 1.0 (Producer Tape)


“Project 1.0″ is John Wize’ first official release, even though he has been making music for over seven years now. John Wize, member of the Stereo Crew, is a producer and occasional vocalist from Detroit and has lend his production skillz to not only his crew members Stereo Boyz but also local artists Supa Emcee, Valid, Side Notes Marvin Winans and others.

John Wize did not only want to make a beat tape, but wanted to introduce his music all around, so he put together a compilation of instrumentals and full tracks (featuring Stereo Boyz, Perfect Eclipse, B-Side and more), with every song on the project produced by him.

John Wize is a fan of 90s Hip Hop as well as Soul Music and anything that he feels will make a good sample. His influences are the likes of Curtis Mayfield, J.Dilla, Isaac Hayes, Pete Rock as well as Kanye West.
About his vision for his music he says: “I want to pay homage to my influencers and at the same time teach my generation about the art of sampling”.

“Project 1.0″ is a well rounded project, with beats & rhymes for all hip hop heads alike.

Check it out and grab your free download below.




This is the first video off the Soul Daad & Stereo Crew collaborative album AMSTERTROIT. “Ooh La La” was produced by Soul Daad’s Vice Vic and features Stereo Boyz’ member Mixo.

The song and full LP can be downloaded for free at

Filmed in Amsterdam by Lorenzo Schmidt
Edited by Vice Vic


Free LP: SDSC ( Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) – AMSTERTROIT


SDSC  Soul Daad  Stereo Crew  Amstertroit  cover

Today Stereo Crew & Soul Daad release their free LP “AMSTERTROIT”. As the title hints, this album is a result of Detroit and Amsterdam collaborating.

Stereo Boyz & Stereo Crew teamed up with Amsterdam’s Soul Daad recently to produce and record “Amstertroit”. The two teams of MCs and Producers first met on Twitter, exchanging beats and ideas. Amazed by the undeniable talent coming from overseas, the Stereo Boyz picked 3 beats by Soul Daad members Gianski & Bolle for their upcoming album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”.

During their recent Europe Tour, the Stereo Boyz met the Soul Daad crew in person for the first time, and after a whole week in their Amsterdam headquarters, “AMSTERTROIT” was born. The LP consists of production and vocals from both crews, bilingual raps and great chemistry.

Mixo says: “We wanted to show a unity with this project, a unity in Hip Hop that, it seems, has been forgotten. This is positivity. This shows you that Hip Hop brings people together, and no language barriers or far distance can stop it.”

“AMSTERTROIT” is now available for free download. Look out for the video to “Ooh La La”, dropping in three weeks.


Video: Stereo Boyz – Speaking in Tonguez


While touring through Europe, the Stereo Boyz send Greetings across the globe.
“Speaking in Tonguez” is another single off their upcoming album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” (to be released in the summer of 2013).

“Speaking in Tonguez”, produced by Sir Henry J Stuart and featuring vocals by Shoua Kue entices with an ultra smooth sound and lyrics directed at the ladies who like to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Whereas a lot of Hip Hop songs with sexual content are disrespectful nowadays, the Stereo Boyz want to bring the focus back on the art of love making and worshipping a woman’s body. “We are bringing back the feeling of songs like “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye. Songs that make a woman feel special, instead of offended”, says Mixo.

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Free Mp3: Vinni Bass (of Stereo Crew) – These Bars


The Stereo Crew unleashes another one of their members this week, Vinnie Bass, who brings you a leak off his upcoming debut “The Chronicles of Bass”.

Vinnie Bass is Mic Audio’s (Stereo Boyz) younger cousin and has, naturally, been around Hip Hop since a young age. At 11 yrs young, upon hearing Rakim’s “Microphone Fiend” for the first time, he started rapping. Today he is finally ready to present his musical introduction to the world and “These Bars” is exactly what that is. Recorded over the Pusha T “My God” beat, Vinnie Bass showcases not only his style and lyrical abilities but also his significant voice.

He describes his music as “short stories mixed with hard-hitting lyrics” and says: “Today i strive to bring my own sound by not shying away from my so called nerd side”. His musical influences Rhyme Asylum, Canibus, Chino XL, Outkast, Big L, Lupe Fiasco and family member Mic Audio can he heard in his music, nevertheless he has his very own sound.

“These Bars” is the first release off his upcoming album “The Chronicles of Bass”, which will be released for free download on March 26th. He describes it as a collection of short stories, with a variety of sounds and topics, with no fear of putting his emotions into lyrics and sharing his soul with his listeners.

“I guarantee you never heard anything like this and I feel I have a lot to bring to the table, if you just give me a chance.”


Free Beat Tape: Mixo – The Future in The Present


1475448494 1

Mixo aka Applauze Beetz of the Stereo Boyz releases his first Beat Tape titled “The Future in The Present” on this Christmas Day.
The free Beat Tape is a gift to the fans as well as a Wrap Up of a very successful for Mixo and his group.

Mixo has produced many of the Stereo Boyz’ songs, yet most people know him only as a Rapper. In order to change that, but also show his growth in production and to give fans and critics a taste of what the upcoming Stereo Boyz album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” (out summer 2013) will sound like, Mixo put together a mix of old and brand new beats, many of them never before heard.

The Beat Tape is a free download to say Thank You to the fans and supporters for a great year.

In preparation for the Stereo Boyz second Europe Tour in February 2013, they will only drop a few more releases before their first full length LP hits stores.


New Video: Stereo Boyz – Buggin Out’ (Beetle Juiced)


“Buggin’ Out (Beetle Juiced)” is the B-Side of the Stereo Boyz’ latest single “RayBanz” (released August 21st), which was the first release off the groups’ upcoming album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”, set to drop summer of 2013.

The track drops with a video today, on Halloween, an obvious choice as the song pays tribute to the classic Halloween flick “Beetle Juice”.

Produced by A-Bomb, the beat is fast paced, wild and a definite banger. Mixo and Mic Audio, accompanied by Stereo Crew member Kid Boombox ride the beat perfectly and showcase their lyrical abilities.

The video for “Buggin’ Out” was shot in New York, just 2 days before Hurricane Sandy hit. Hitting Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Halloween parties and more perfect sceneries, the Stereo Boyz once again captured the perfect visuals for their sounds.
The video was shot by Sacramento Knoxx, originally from Detroit and residing in Queens, and edited by David Romero.

While the Stereo Boyz are preparing to embark on their second Europe Tour early next year, they will continue to give you tastes of their upcoming album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”.

Watch “Buggin’ Out” below and support by purchasing it, available now at all major online stores.

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Free Mixtape: Mixo – Truth Be Told


Merry Christmas from the Stereo Boyz! Here’s our early christmas gift for all our fans :) . You have made this year a great one!!

Download here